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WA Business Assist is a trusted not for profit organisation built on delivering bespoke services to small and medium sized businesses. Too many companies limit their potential by struggling to fulfil too many roles. Rather than relying on expertise, they rely on the knowledge of a select few. Eventually, this mentality will cause a business to plateau.

If your business is struggling to reach the next level, contact us for a no-obligation consultation. Our team of qualified professionals can benchmark your business and identify areas that are performing at peak, as well as those that are under performing.

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Commercial Agreement between WA Business Assist and iCollege (ASX:ICT)

17 November 2015

Commercial Agreement Signed with Western Australia’s largest Not-For-Profit Business Centre  Highlights iCollege has signed a commercial agreement with WA’s leading not-for-profit business centre, WA Business Assist (WABA) to develop and market a series of online course materials and on-demand videos iCollege will utilise WABA’s specialised course materials to develop a customised Learning Management System directly mapped to iCollege’s certification standards. Commenting on the Collaboration, WABA Business Assist Chairman, Allan Fraser said: “The growth we are ...

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  • 9 tips for new small business owners

    30 June 2015

    1. Know your USP: whether your business has many competitors or none, you need to find the point of difference in what you do better, smarter or uniquely in the market place. This will make selling your services or products a whole lot easier. 2. Have a clear purpose: a business ...

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  • Why do I need a business coach?

    25 June 2015

    Running your own business can be an exciting and rewarding time, but also a very challenging time. Complacency can set in, then things start to deteriorate, whether it be your health, your time, business sales or a range of other factors. This is one time when business owners should start searching ...

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  • Did you create yourself a job or a business?

    25 June 2015

    When you started your business, was the driving motive to ‘create a business’ or to ‘create a job’? When you start out, the exhilaration of creating something new can overtake the need to focus on the business. I’ve seen this many times, where you resign from you’re job to take ...

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